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the study /THə stədē/ (n) – the pursuit of self-mastery as defined by one’s unique values, interests and circumstances.


The semester program is a comprehensive 60-day workshop aimed at recalibrating your movement, nutrition and recovery settings. Our coaches help you navigate a series of manageable microsteps which reinforce the healthy lifestyle you’re seeking.


Our semester program is a 60-day comprehensive, hands-on how-to clinic. The Study takes an academic approach to training, nutrition and recovery so we can attack fitness targets from all angles. By making a few tweaks to daily behaviors, you will be laying the groundwork for some big improvements further down the road. The primary objective of the Study is to establish and reinforce healthy, sustainable habits for an enduring, active lifestyle.

Welcome to your wellness sanctuary. It’s 5000 sqf of ultra clean, private and friendly training space located in Santa Monica. In this new version of The Study, our boutique gym has expanded its features and amenities. We now offer hot and cold immersion, massage therapy, electro-stim and small group training.


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Here you’ll train 3x per week for 9 weeks, navigating 4 customized training phases. Each phase is designed to safely and effectively prepare you for the next. We’ll advance from easy to difficult, slow to fast and simple to complex. You can train solo or with a partner. We’ll teach you how to manipulate training variables, modify drills and ultimately build your own program. We’ll track your progress and keep the workouts fun, challenging and multifarious.


The semester spans 9 weeks and consists of three 60-minute sessions per week. Train solo or with a partner. The program is designed in collaboration with your coach based on your interests, abilities and preferences. Students can expect to learn how to safely and effectively move in many ways, progress exercises to improve fitness and athleticism, track health data and have fun with the challenges in and out of the studio.



Build a strong foundation with the requisite mobility and stability throughout your kinetic chain.



Support that foundation by loading exercises. Increase your movement efficiency and total resistance threshold.



Get more done in less time by adding explosiveness to your workouts. Think throws, slams, chops & jumps!



Put it all together. Get optimal output with minimal rest. This is the culmination of all your training. It's athletic and challenging.


Let’s see if your current eating habits are serving you. Most students don’t need a massive nutritional overhaul or a highly restrictive diet to see improvement. The low-hanging fruit usually lies in creating simple guidelines that are followed consistently.


Tired? Sluggish? In pain? We’ll examine preparation and restoration from the demands of your day. The more that is expected of you, the more valuable and necessary recovery becomes. We’ll take a look at proven optimization strategies that make sense for your schedule.


Alexander hails from Texas and has been exploring the different sides of the fitness industry for over 15 years. He started the Study to get away from the increasingly frustrating gym culture which most of us can agree is pretty lame. From disc golf to backgammon to weighted flying pullups, there’s always a better way to do something; personal training is no different. Alexander loves to bring the best out of people which makes waking up at 4:30 am feel almost reasonable.

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Julian is passionate about movement therapy, physical resilience and total well being. Pairing the technical elements of physical therapy and sustainable habits of strength and conditioning training, he has created systems which enable his students to move away from pain and frustration towards a lifestyle focused on physical freedom and energy. Julian ensures every student he works with walks away more confident, knowledgeable and functionally capable than when they began.

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  • 60 Day Semester
  • 3-60 Min Sessions Per Week
  • Custom Nutrition Counseling
  • Performance Testing

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