Looking to make some life changes? It’s a good idea to map out your fitness journey by defining in detail what that looks and feels like to you. Set SMART goals, implement a practice, establish support systems and never give up. Sounds easy right? Glad we had this talk, best wishes!

Oh wait, did you forget anything? Have you asked yourself…is this fun? Am I learning something? Can I continue doing this without getting bored, injured or burnt out? Am I developing skills I can apply to other areas of my life?

Unless you answered “yes” to all of those, we invite you to thoroughly explore your options. There are a million ways to improve your health…here’s our take.


Our semester program is a 60-day comprehensive, hands-on how-to clinic. The Study takes an academic approach to training, nutrition and recovery so we can attack fitness targets from all angles. By making a few tweaks to daily behaviors, you will be laying the groundwork for some big improvements further down the road. The primary objective of the Study is to establish and reinforce healthy, sustainable habits for an enduring, active lifestyle.


Welcome to your new fitness sanctuary. It’s square feet of ultra clean, human-powered training space located in the heart of Santa Monica. Nestled in an alley, the Study has a rugged warehouse look, but a comfortable boutique feel.


Interested? We’ll set you up with a complimentary intro session. Get acquainted with your trainer, the facility and our brand of instruction. We’ll identify strengths as well as areas for improvement. You’ll learn some things about your body and what to expect when you come on board. If it’s a good fit and schedules align, go ahead and enroll for your first semester.


Here you’ll train 3x per week for 9 weeks, navigating 4 customized training phases. Each phase is designed to safely and effectively prepare you for the next. We’ll advance from easy to difficult, slow to fast and simple to complex. You can train solo or with a partner. We’ll teach you how to manipulate training variables, modify drills and ultimately build your own program. We’ll track your progress and keep the workouts fun, challenging and multifarious.

Build a strong foundation with the requisite mobility and stability throughout your kinetic chain. Establish general conditioning, resiliency and healthy movement patterns.

Support that foundation by loading exercises. Increase your movement efficiency and total resistance threshold.

Get more done in less time by adding explosiveness to your workouts. Think throws, slams, chops & jumps!

Put it all together. Get optimal output with minimal rest. This is the athletic application of all your training thus far and definitely the most challenging.


Let’s examine your current eating and hydration habits. We’ll look at key concepts like daily caloric needs, meal composition, timing and mindfulness as it pertains to your relationship with food. The aim here is to simplify and take ownership of your nutrition rather than scrutinize and lament everything you eat


How do you feel? Pain is not the prize; however, it is information we can use to make adjustments. Learn to identify and alleviate tightness throughout the body. Overcome the effects of repetitive stress and restore postural alignment. Reduce soreness post-training and prepare your body for the demands of the day. As you train, it’s more important than ever to budget the necessary time for rest and repair.


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    1 student


  • 2 students


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    • 3-60 Min Sessions Per Week
    • Custom Nutrition Counseling
    • Biweekly Progress Reports
    • Performance Testing

What about those life changes? It’s a big decision. We know this kind of commitment demands substantial time, effort and resources. So, regardless of where you decide to train and what lifestyle choices you want to make, set yourself up for success by being realistic with your goals, training with purpose and enlisting qualified assistance. We’re here for you. Life’s a test…better study.